WINNER of JACK DANIELS TAILGATE COMPETITION. "Don't get fooled by imitations"!!!

About Us

Starting out several years ago, two guys got lucky enough to get season tickets. Later that year, due to an empty seat - they wound up with one more seat, then three became four.  Since we had to eat, we had to start a modest tailgate. 

When you meet these guys you already know that nothing is done modestly, easily or....SMALL! So of course the name was easy... it had to have BIG in it, right? Since it is basically a barbecue - BBQ fit, don't you think? 

And what is the reason we are all here? Our Giants..... our Blue Giants.... and they started copying us by referring to themselves as Big Blue.... but, we're "OK" with that. So here we have the Big Blue BBQ! 4 turned into 6 -- 6 to 12 -- 12 to.........well, you get the picture..... now we host close to 1,000 people during a season of football.

Big Blue BBQ - Good food, good friends, good times.......